Global Mission: Raising Funds for God’s People in Need

The Global Mission Committee’s usual fund-raising methods have been disrupted by the pandemic.  Even MLC’s beloved traditional Christmas bake sale has been postponed for this year.   Your Global Mission Committee is switching to one “virtual” fundraiser that will cover three initiatives.  Our goal is to raise $7,000 total.  The funds will be distributed to:

 1) Christian Foundation for Community Development $5,000 to purchase land for a moringa plantation in Uganda;

 2) Reconciliation Lutheran Church $1,000 for our sister congregation’s food pantry in Puerto Rico;

 3) Outreach for World Hope $1,000 to fight starvation among children in Guatemala.

Should you wish to donate to these projects, please write a check to McFarland Lutheran Church with Global Mission in the memo line.  Funds will be distributed to all three projects unless you specifically name one or two of the initiatives on the memo line. Checks may be mailed to the church or dropped off at the office from 9 am to 2 pm Monday thru Thursday.

The Christian Foundation for Community Development based near Tororo, Uganda and led by Pastor Eric Sabiit has been successfully growing and processing moringa for 5 years.  The Tororo area is the same area where residents are benefiting from deep water wells donated by MLC members.  Moringa is a tree whose many parts can be used as nutritional supplements, particularly the leaves which are very rich in vitamins and amino acids.   For more information about moringa, take a look at this YouTube video Moringa the Miracle Tree.  Young children in particular have visibly improved health when moringa is part of their diet.

Pastor Eric and his team are working to expand the use of moringa with all of its health benefits in the area around Tororo, Uganda.  The moringa has been grown on a rented plat but now the owner is selling the land.  If the land is sold to someone else, Pastor Eric will need to find new land and start the planting and growing process again.  The location of this land is ideal for distribution to the villages, schools, hospital and HIV clinic which Pastor Eric services with moringa. Purchase of this land will allow CFCD to continue growing and processing moringa without interruption, thus improving the overall health and well-being of the residents in this area.

Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reconciliation in Levittown, Puerto Rico is the long-term partner of MLC’s mission in Puerto Rico and the church where MLC members worship during mission trips to Puerto Rico.  Reconciliation runs a food pantry for their local community and has provided emergency relief for hurricane and earthquake disaster victims.  For the last few years half of the proceeds from the Christmas bake sale were donated to the Reconciliation food pantry.  With hurricane and earthquake recovery still ongoing, followed by the Covid pandemic, food insecurity remains a problem in Puerto Rico and deserves our support to ease some of the burden. 

Outreach for World Hope (OWH) is a Verona based charity that provides support to the Chiquimula region in eastern Guatemala.  This region is known as “The Dry Corridor” due to a chronic shortage of rainfall resulting in drought conditions and long-term famine.  OWH has been working in the region since 2005 to save the lives of children found in the end stages of starvation, while at the same time providing pathways out of poverty and hope for the future through education and sustainable agriculture programs.  For more info about OWH, go to   Last year was the first time MLC raised funds to purchase formula for starving infants in Guatemala and we wish to continue this life saving ministry.

The McFarland Food Pantry is not part of this fundraising activity.  This year, rather than raising funds within MLC we are supporting the activities of the Lions / Lioness Club and McFarland High School DECA club in their efforts to collect food and funds from the entire McFarland community. In addition, MLC’s Health and Social Wellness Committee will be coordinating with the Food Pantry to host The Giving Tree, a Christmas gift giving program for food pantry customers.  

If you have questions about this fundraising please contact a member of the Global Mission committee.   Thank you for supporting those in need with your treasure and prayers.

Global Mission Committee