Faith Formation for Adults

“In the Dust of the Rabbi” & “Walk as Jesus Walked”
Sundays: September 12 to November 14
9:00 am – Rm 113.

Discipleship: What did it mean for the Apostles? What does it mean for us?

We consider ourselves to be disciples of Jesus, but, what is a disciple? Definition: A disciple is a person who learns from another, then takes what they have learned and applies it to their own lives and teaches it to others.

The Apostles, and other followers of Jesus, set aside their daily doings to walk with Jesus and learn from him. Then they went out into foreign lands and taught others the good news that they had learned.

Adult Faith Formation committee will be showing a Ray Vander Laan video series which takes the viewer into the lives of the disciples. See the places they traveled and learn what it means to follow the Rabbi Jesus and do what he does.  

The time between Sunday morning worship services is a time for personal, as well as, community faith formation. A wide variety of topics presented through Bible studies, guest speakers, DVD presentations, and more, are intended to foster individual and congregational transformation to faithful followers of Christ. This is a fluid gathering, with everyone encouraged to attend as their interests and commitments allow.


FaceTime is a discussion based gathering where parents share conversation on parenting and faith. The discussion is often based on a parenting/faith book, and ranges freely according to the participants interests. FaceTime follows the Sunday school calendar and meets on the main level, Sunday Mornings at 9:15 between worship services. It’s a great way to share and grow while your children attend Sunday school.

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