Holy Sacraments


Holy Sacraments


In Holy Baptism God liberates us from sin and death and joins us to the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In the baptismal waters we become God’s children and a member of the family of faith.  By water and the Holy Spirit, our new life in Christ begins.

If you are interested in being baptized or having your child baptized, please contact the McFarland Lutheran Church office (608-838-3184) about scheduling the baptismal celebration.  We would also be happy to talk about scheduling the Baptismal Preparation class, which is offered quarterly.

First Communion

In Holy Communion we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection, and celebrate how our faith is nurtured and sustained through the bread and wine.  Christ is present and active to forgive, save, unite, and enliven us for the work to which God calls us.  Holy Communion is celebrated of every worship service at McFarland Lutheran Church.

According to scripture, Lutheran theology, and Lutheran liturgical practice, there is no set age to begin receiving communion.  Every spring, a First Communion instruction is offered for second grade students.  For those who are older or younger than second grade, please contact one of the pastors and individualized preparation can be coordinated (608-838-3184).

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