Funeral Planning


No one wants to think about their own death and funeral. Lots of people like to have a funeral that includes what their deceased loved one “would have wanted”. That is why pre-planning for a funeral service can be a tremendous gift to your family.

The intent of this “Funeral Worship Preplanning” is to invite you to make suggestions to your family regarding the funeral service. It is important to allow your family flexibility in the funeral arrangements they make. Any pre-planning that you do, you should both discuss with your family and provide them with a copy of your suggestions.


The funeral or memorial service is first and foremost an opportunity to worship the Lord of Life and celebrate the resurrection. The funeral honors, remembers and gives thanks for the life of the deceased, but the heart of a funeral is always the promise of resurrection and new life in Christ. The “good news” of God provides hope and comfort to all who worship and proclaims Christ as Lord of both the living and the dead. It is the pastor’s responsibility to ensure that the music, Scripture, message, prayer, and liturgy all lead to a celebration of the resurrection.

Pastoral Assistance

Please feel free to discuss any of your funeral or memorial arrangements with a pastor at McFarland Lutheran Church.