Please remember in your thoughts & prayers...

Adams family
Bethany Austin
*Cheryl Bartels
      (sister of Brenda Moen)
*Jeremy Beahm
Tanya Brake
      (Daughter of Russell & Sheila Wolff)
Trudy Bredeson
^*Sandy Brunker
      (Kathy Westby’s and Eileen Richter’s
*Steve Brunker
      (Kathy Westby & Eileen Richter’s brother)
*James Burton
      (brother of Cathy Kirby)
*Carol Butteris
      (Friend of Norma Kohl)
*Andrea Denman
      (Friend of Lisa Deegan)
*Rae Marie Dougan
      (Sister of Rex Link)
* Jill Fortune
      (Friend of Nancy Vick)
*Renee Gray
*Cindy Halverson 
      (niece of Wayne and Gayle Huston)
*Carol Hanna
*Carson Hartwig
      (14 yr nephew of Russ & Sheila Wolff)
Sophie Heckel
      (Daughter of Mark & Susan Heckel)
*Tyson Heiman-Lambert
      (Great-grandson of Judie Heiman)
*Jeff Hitchcock
*Paul Holtz
      (Husband to Sharron Holtz)
*Mackenzie Ingvalson
*Edwin Jacob
      (Aaron Jacob’s father)
Janis Janelsins

Roger Johnson
      (Diane Egner’s brother)
*Erik Kadlec
      (friend of Chuck & Linda Swenson)
*Georgia Kinder
      (Shared Table friend)
*Barb Klug
      (Co-worker of Jane Blank)
* Brody Koslowski, and his family
      (Friend of Deb Wellman)
*Michelle Langmaid
      (Rick Strauss’s niece)
Midge Larson
Pastor Willard Lund
David Lund
*Chantel Rose Lynch
      (Granddaughter of Marla Grover)
Carter Moran
*Don Murbach
      (Friend of Rex & Mary Link)
* Martha Nelson
      (Deb Alber’s sister)
*Stacey & Carol Newton
Judy & Jesus Nunez
*Ruth Nyffenegger
      (Friend of Bonnie Dirks)
*Jordan O’Malley and parents, Shane and JoAnn
Linda Othrow
*Pastor Margo Peterson          
      (Bonnie Dirks’ daughter)
*Connie Peterson and children Corbet, Carissa and Paula
      (Diane Wells’ aunt and cousins)
*Kelson Peterson-Bystol
      (Grandson of Alan & Sharon Peterson;
       great-grandson of Sylvester Peterson)
*Harlow Harue Phillips
      (Great-niece of David & Sallie Waller)
Chris Preston

*Lori Pulvermacher
      (Shared Table Friend)
George Richard
Eileen Richter
*Kathi & Scott Sawyer
      (Debbie Sawyer’s daughter-in-law and son)
*Hondo Schmitt
      (Friend of Myron Sherry)
*Mary Seiler
      (Friend of Randy Hansen)
*Gladys Severtson
      (Aunt of Marla Grover)
*Rick Shoby
^Bonnie Spangler
*Curt Steindorf
      (Family of Lisa Paley)
Carol Stoeckmann
*Pat Swenson
      (Chuck Swenson’s mother)
*Randi Thorson
      (Friend of Mary Grell)
*Carol Torgeson
      (Friend of Diane Voiss)
*Mike Tuck
      (Friend of Kevin Strattan)
Nancy Vick
Mark Vollmer
      (Brother of Vicky Beyler)
Ron Walsvick
*Judy & Ed Walther
Jordan Wendt
*Ralph Westby
      (Greg Westby’s dad)
*Marcia Wiberg

      (Friend of Kim Henes)
Kim Wisden
*Chad Wood

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