The church is seeking a full-time Administrator to work primarily with Child Life Ministries (CLM) (click for revised position description). Mail resumes to the church office, or email


MLC has an opening for a nursery attendant(s) to serve on Sunday mornings from 7:45 A.M. – 11:45 A.M. This position is suitable for anyone who loves children: young adults, young parent/s, grandparent/s, etc. Perhaps you know someone in the congregation who would like to share this position with you – which would increase job flexibility.
Please see the Bulletin Board in the Central Hallway for more details, or contact Huldah Ellestad (838-3184 ext.108).


Sunday School - will start every week in the Sanctuary with music before heading downstairs to their classrooms.

3's, 4's & Kindergarten - will explore a story in their classrooms.

1st - 5th Grade - will explore Holy Week and Easter (Matthew 21, 27, & 28).

Confirmation (6th, 7th & 8th Grades) - will have small group classes at 9:15 A.M. in Room 101 in the basement. The  lesson is: “What if my friends aren’t Christians?”

HS Youth Group - will have our regular HS Youth Group today at 10:30 A.M. in the conference room.  All high school students are welcome.  We will enjoy conversation, have a devotional, pray, and of course enjoy some treats!

Adult Faith Formation - Sunday, March 28th, the book of Hebrews emphasizes the character and qualities of Jesus Christ. If we see him as he really is, we cannot help but be strong in faith.

Face Time - Meet other parents in the Family Life Center at 9:15 A.M. for faith-filled conversation.


Join us as we follow our Lord to the foot of the cross and the empty tomb. Join us as we tell out the good news that Christ is alive, and brings new life to the world!

Palm Sunday/Sunday of the Passion, March 28 and March 29
(Usual weekend worship schedule)

Maundy Thursday, April 2
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
(The 7:30 p.m. service will include optional footwashing to reflect the Biblical story of Jesus
washing the disciples’ feet in John 13.)

Good Friday, April 3
Noon The Liturgy of Good Friday
7:30 p.m. Prayer around the Cross

Holy Saturday, April 4
5:00 p.m. Saturday worship
7:30 p.m. (Easter Vigil at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Monona)

Easter Day, April 5
8:00 a.m. Traditional
10:30 a.m. Contemporary
Christ has been raised from the dead,
so that we too might walk in newness of life! (Romans 6:4)


There will be no 9:15 education classes on Easter Sunday.


Bible – Do you have a favorite book? Is there a person in the story you like? Are there fun pictures? Is there an adventure you enjoy hearing? There are many stories and lots of people in the Bible. Some Bibles even have fun pictures. The Bible is full of God doing amazing things and stories of God’s love! Tell us one of your favorite Bible stories!


Mark your calendars for a new ministry opportunity for parents of young children. Pastor Tim invites you to a new group on Sundays during the 9:15 A.M. faith formation time. Come and bring your insights, questions and topics you would like to discuss!

Get a treat, something warm to drink, and join the group in the Family Life Center. We will meet around tables set up near the doors to the Gathering Space. The usual bible class will meet downstairs in Room 113 at the same time. All are welcome at either place!


The MLC Picture Directories are still in the production stage, so keep watching for updates.


       2015 Vacation Bible School
Sunday, June 21 – Thursday, June 25
                 5:00-8:00 pm
More information coming soon!!!


- A member of your family is admitted to the hospital so that visits can be made
- Your committee or group plans to have a meeting, or cancel a meeting, so that it can be put on the church calendar or in the bulletin
- Either you home or business telephone number has changed, so that the church records can be corrected
- Your email address has changed
- You are planning to move—out of town or locally
- A new baby arrives in your family
- A death occurs in your family
- You or a member of your family establishes a new residence


Minutes In Seconds reports the discussions and actions that have been taken by the church council. Look at the February 27th "Minutes in Seconds".   When approved, the official minutes will be posted on our web site and in the church newsletter. Please contact a member of the church council for more details.


Council Minutes reports the discussions and actions that have been taken by the church council. Look at the February 24th "Council Minutes".  Please contact a member of the church council for more details.


Click on, Council Contact Information to see a list of the Council Members and contact information.  Please contact them with any of your ideas or concerns.


Would you prefer the MLC newsletter to come via email?  Send your request by email to


We now have an active Facebook page, complete with photos and announcements of upcoming events. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chris Landerud at or 838-3184. 


Sharing God's Word,
Showing God's Love,
Serving God's World

We hope this website will help introduce you to McFarland Lutheran Church. We are a wonderful mix of children, parents, grandparents, teachers, government workers, trades people, business people, homemakers, health professionals, artists and entrepreneurs claimed by God’s love through Holy Baptism. Some love golfing, some love hunting, some love fishing, some love camping, others love music, the arts and curling up with a good book.

We gather weekly to laugh together, cry together, and support one another as we worship, share fellowship, and receive training as disciples of Jesus Christ. We are sent from our gatherings renewed in faith to reach out and serve our neighbors both here and around the world. 

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Office - 608-838-3184

Fax - 608-838-7207

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March 28, 2015

March 21, 2015

March 14, 2015

Audio of Sunday Services

Want to listen to a recording of a worship service?  Click on the link for the service you want to listen to.  We are currently testing this feature and working on to improve the quality.  Thanks for your patience.

December 7th Dedication Service

December 14th 8:00 Worship Service

December 21th 8:00 Worship Service

December 28th 8:00 Worship Service

January 4th 8:00 Worship Service



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Later this month, we are expecting 30 chairs with arms for our Gathering Area, and an additional 10 chairs with arms to be placed in the Sanctuary. Also in early 2015, Northland Church Furniture will be coming to install book/card racks on the back of every pew chair in the Sanctuary.

In addition, the Building Committee is in the process of getting bids for movable communion kneelers that would enable us to kneel to receive Holy Communion. We are also looking at having a small platform constructed to raise the pulpit and enhance visibility. Stay tuned for further details on these projects.

We are blessed to have a new Sanctuary to worship God in this new year. May the light of Christ shine in this place, and through our lives and shared ministries!


The Worship Center is equipped with a Hearing Loop. A hearing loop helps persons who have hearing aids or Cochlear implants, that are equipped with programmable, pre-amplified and/or automatic T-coils, hear sounds from a PA system directly and clearly in the hearing aids, because it reduces or cuts out background noise.

Most behind-the-ear hearing aids, and all but the smallest of custom in-the-ear instruments, can be equipped with a T-coil. Sometimes this T-coil is installed inside your instrument but not activated. Some are equipped with the Mic plus T-coil setting or MT. This setting lets you hear a combination of sound all around you and the hearing loop.

When you switch your hearing aid to “T” setting the hearing aid’s microphone is switched off. This allows you to only hear the signal from the hearing loop while reducing background noise and eliminating feedback (whistling). 

When your instrument is set to “MT” you will hear a combination of sounds around you (picked up by the microphone) and signal from the “T-coil”. This setting can be used in church as it allows you to hear the person sitting beside you and hear the signal from the hearing loop. 

If you are not able to connect with the Loop, or don’t have a hearing aid, but would like a little extra assistance to hear, there are receivers, headphones, earbuds & over the ear units (along with instructions) available at the Welcome/Information desk in the Gathering Space.


We give thanks to God for the wonderful blessing of the new Sanctuary, and for the Dedication worship we shared on Sunday, December 7th!  We have extra copies of the Dedication booklet, if you have not picked up one yet. They are also there for you to give away to family members or people connected to our congregation who have moved away. Thank you to Andrea Wendorf, for her wonderful gift of designing the booklet!  Let us continue to worship the Lord with gladness! (Psalm 100:2)


September 5, 2014

August 22, 2014

August 8, 2014

July 25, 2014

July 3, 2014

June 13, 2014

May 30, 2014

May 16, 2014

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April 13, 2014

March 30, 2014


The presentation made by our architect, Paul Barribeau, at the congregational listening session on March 17 and meeting notes are available on this website (see below).. If you weren't able to attend the presentation in person, you can read it online or download and read it. May God continue to guide our journey toward a new house of prayer!

March 17th Congregation Listening Session Presentation

March 17th Congregation Listening Session Meeting Notes

Video of the Architect's rendition of the new Worship Space

Sanctuary Building Committee Contact Information

Sanctuary Building Committee Update for 2013 Annual Meeting


Following is some of the material utilized during the Capital Campaign:

Case Statement



Video of the Architect's rendition of the new Worship Space