I thank you, my Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, Your dear Son, that You have graciously kept me this day, and I pray You forgive me all my sins, where I have done wrong, and graciously keep me this night.  For into your hands I commend myself, my body and soul, and all things.  Let Your holy angel be with me, that the Wicked Foe may have no power over me.  Amen.


Adult Faith Formation – Sunday, September 25th: Martin Luther struggles with the prevailing religious practices and teaching of his day. His 95 statements of belief (Theses) started a reformation that continues to impact us today. 

Next week: Luther’s Life & the Reformation continues; Martin is an outlaw in the early years of the reformation. Room 113 at 9:15 A.M.

FACE TIME - Attention Parents! - Face Time   (a discussion based class) starts today 9:15 -10 am and will follow the same calendar as Sunday School. This year, we will be using the book The Love Dare For Parents, by Stephen Kendrick, to provide a starting point for our discussions.

CONFIRMATION  (6th, 7th, & 8th Grades) –  We have class for all Confirmation students in the  lower level Youth Room below the Sanctuary from 9:10-9:50 A.M. We will dive into our Small  Catechism curriculum with the first of a 5 week series on the 10 Commandments.

HS YOUTH GROUP  - We have Youth Group in the lower level Youth Room below the Sanctuary from 11 A.M.-noon. Also, all high schoolers are invited tonight to Chris’ for dinner and a campfire starting at 5:30 P.M.!

SUNDAY SCHOOL - Music is in a new location in lower level room 101 (back corner under the FLC). Music starts every week at 9:00 A.M. in room 101.
Sunday school  Shepherds will take student groups to their respective class locations at 9:15 A.M.  Sunday school ends at 9:50 A.M.
3’s, 4’s & Kindergarten will explore a story in their classrooms.
1st—5th Grade will dig into the story of Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1:1-22 & 2:1-17)


Lost Sheep/Coin (Luke 15) - Have you ever gotten lost?  How did you feel?  Were you scared or sad?  How did you feel when you were found again?  Happy, relieved, excited, and loved?  Jesus tells stories of a sheep and a coin that get lost, and how the owners search high and low until they are found.  It's the same with us!  Jesus is always with us - we can never be lost from him or his love.


3rd Graders are invited to receive their full NRSV Bibles.  Come to church (Room 113) on either Wednesday, October 5 at 3:30 P.M. or Saturday,   October 8 at 10:00 A.M.  Parents/Grandparents/Fun Adults are encouraged to join their student.  Bibles will be presented on Sunday, October 9 at the 10:00AM service.

Box Car Loading: Saturday October 1

It’s that time of year once again. We will be loading the quilts into the church school bus to transport to the railroad yard at E. Johnson St. in Madison. Also included will be the school kits and personal care kits. Thank you to the many volunteers especially the quilters group, the confirmation helpers for loading, and to Chris Landerud and Dee Weikert for thier coordinating efforts.


Have you thought about becoming a member of MLC, or do you know someone who may be interested? Come to a membership information session and learn more about McFarland Lutheran.  

The next New Member Session options are:

On Tuesday, Oct. 4 from 6:30 - 8:30pm (Childcare available on request)
Or Sundays, October 2 & 9 from 10:00 – 11:00 (Childcare in Nursery)

Those joining will be received into membership on Sunday, October 23rd. To sign up for a class, and to request childcare, please contact Huldah Ellestad at 838-3184 ext108, or,


The last adopt-a-highway cleanup date for this year is Saturday, October 8th.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Jacqui Landerud at 212-3582 or  We meet at the Town of Dunn hall at 9:00 A.M. (corner of Hwy. B and Keenan Road) just south of McFarland.  It takes about one hour to clean up our stretch of assigned highway (along Hwy. B).  This is a great opportunity to put our stewardship efforts into action!  Thank you.


The Bethel Bible Series is an excellent way to gain a comprehensive overview of the Bible and to build a solid foundation for your faith.  The Bethel Series makes the Bible come to life, and highlights the continuing theme of God's love, faithfulness, and purpose for the world.

Who: All Adults, whether you’re new to Bible reading or a regular student of the Bible
When: Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 P.M., October 12-March 16

Cost: Study materials are provided free of charge. Participants will spend an hour in class, plus another hour or so reading each week.

Contact:  Brock or Sandy Chalmers

SAVe THE DATE - 4TH & 5th graders and families

First Communion dates have been set!  Two class options: Saturday, November 5th or Saturday, November 12th.  The day to receive First Communion will be Sunday, November 13th at the 10:00 A.M. service.  More information will be sent home soon. 

See Pastor Kelli if you have any questions.

Save the Date

As part of the 500th anniversary celebration of Martin Luther’s actions that led to the formation of the  Lutheran Church, we are planning an overnight bus trip to Minneapolis Institute of Art on November 12 and 13. 

There we will view a special exhibition, “Martin Luther: Art and the Reformation”.  We will stay overnight at a hotel near the Mall of America, then head back to Madison on Sunday after attending a local worship service. 

For more information stop by the table in the great hall or check out the MLC Newsletter. You may also view for details of the exhibit.

First Communion for 2nd – 5th Graders!

We are adjusting the age at which MLC offers First Communion instruction.  A little history: First Communion instruction has been advertised in the spring for 5th graders.  There was no problem if a family chose to have their child participate earlier or later than 5th grade.

Pastor Tim and I frequently talk about the gifts and blessings that come with  baptism and communion.  Also, the sacraments are an important part of the  worship life of MLC.  According to scripture, Lutheran theology, and Lutheran  liturgical practices there is no set age to begin receiving communion.  Pastor Tim and I brought this information to the congregational Council who supported our proposal to shift the age for First Communion instruction to 2nd grade.

This impacts a great number of our young disciples.  In order to not miss anyone, we will have First Communion instruction for 4th and 5th graders in the fall of 2016.  In the spring of 2017 we will have instruction for 2nd and 3rd graders.  We will then be on schedule to offer First Communion instruction to 2nd graders in the spring of 2018.

This is just the advertised age for the class, not the age at which someone may begin receiving the sacrament.  Like before, if a family wants their child to receive communion earlier or later than 2nd grade, there is still no problem with that decision. Please feel free to contact either me or Pastor Tim for further conversation.

Blessings,  Pastor Kelli

support FRIDA BAGonza

Many of you will remember Benson, Frida, Vision, and Mission Bagonza from Tanzania, Africa. They lived in our community and were a part of our church family for many years.

After 11 years Frida has come back to the United States to obtain her Masters Degree in accounting. She earned her Bachelor Degree while living here. Frida and son Prince (6 years) are living in St. Paul while she attends St. Theresa University. Her goal is to teach at the university in Karagwe, her home community. She hopes to finish her degree by the end of next summer.

Frida was not able to borrow enough money for tuition and housing and is facing a shortfall. She is a woman of strong faith and is praying for some financial help. If you would like to give financial help to Frida you can give your donation to MLC and the church will send it on to her or you can give on the GoFundMe website. Please keep her in your prayers. Her St. Paul address is: 1570 Eustis St., Apt. 130, St. Paul, MN 55108. If you have questions feel free to call Dennis and Janet Knutson, 838-3498.


Are you on Facebook? If so, please “like” McFarland Lutheran Church. The newly-formed Welcoming Committee has set a goal of 500 “likes” for MLC’s Facebook page by September 1. We have 356 “likes” and counting. Did you know that Facebook is a great outreach tool? You can share photos, news and devotions about our faith community with your Facebook friends!

Also, the 500th person who “likes” MLC will receive a mystery prize! May God bless our efforts to share the love of God in Jesus Christ!


Would you prefer the MLC newsletter to come via email?  Send your request by email to


We now have an active Facebook page, complete with photos and announcements of upcoming events. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chris Landerud at or 838-3184. 











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We hope this website will help introduce you to McFarland Lutheran Church. We are a wonderful mix of children, parents, grandparents, teachers, government workers, trades people, business people, homemakers, health professionals, artists and entrepreneurs claimed by God’s love through Holy Baptism. Some love golfing, some love hunting, some love fishing, some love camping, others love music, the arts and curling up with a good book.

We gather weekly to laugh together, cry together, and support one another as we worship, share fellowship, and receive training as disciples of Jesus Christ. We are sent from our gatherings renewed in faith to reach out and serve our neighbors both here and around the world. 

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One of our pastors is always on-call for pastoral emergencies, such as a serious illness or death. Pastor Tim is generally on-call from Thursday to Saturday, and Pastor Kelli is    generally on-call from Monday to Wednesday. They alternate Sundays.

You can find out which pastor is on-call by phoning the church office (838-3184). After  office hours, the on-call pastor and phone number are listed on the church’s outgoing voice message.

Please do not contact the pastors at home on their respective days off. Pastor Tim’s day off is Monday, and Pastor Kelli’s is Friday. Thank you for understanding the pastors’ needs for sabbath and rest.


Exciting new spiritual growth opportunities are here! Experience Luther’s life & the Reformation. Attend whenever you are able. Everyone is welcome!

Sept. 18 – When he was young, Martin Luther went through major upheaval as he struggled to understand himself and his relationship with God. As he grew in faith, and came to know God’s unequivocal grace, his impact on the world around him grew as well.

Sept. 25 – Martin Luther struggled mightily with his faith and with the prevailing religious teaching and practices of his day. His 95 statements of belief (Theses) started a reformation that continues to impact us today.

Oct. 2 – Martin spent years of his life as an outlaw and a fugitive from religious and ruling authorities. His strong conviction that everyone should have access to God’s word, had a huge impact on all people.

Oct. 9 – He rocked the world with his radical faith, but Martin Luther was also a family man. Pastor Tim concludes the sessions on Luther, the leader of the Reformation, with a look at Martin’s marriage, family life, and return to Wittenberg.

Faith Formation meets in Room 113 on the lower level (at the base of the stairs) from 9:15 A.M to 10:50 A.M.

BUS trip to Minneapolis Institute of Art for special exhibit :
“Martin Luther, Art and the Reformation” Saturday NovEMBER 12TH and Sunday NovEMBER 13TH

500 years ago Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the door of the church, thus beginning the Reformation movement that led to formation of the Lutheran Church.   By visiting this exhibition, we have a chance to examine Luther’s personal life and explore the impact of the Protestant Reformation through art from the 16th century onward.  Items on view include astonishing artwork, historical objects, and personal artifacts.

The schedule for the weekend (subject to change as details are fine-tuned) is:
Saturday Nov 12
7:30 am - Leave McFarland Lutheran via bus.  Movie “Martin Luther” will be shown en-route.
1:45 pm - After stops for coffee and lunch, arrive Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA).
1:45 pm – 3:00 pm Stroll through MIA on your own.
3:00 pm – Guided tour of special exhibit “Martin Luther, Art and the Reformation”.
5:30 pm – Check into Comfort Inn hotel near Mall of America.  Hotel is next door to an Outback Steak House restaurant.
Evening is free for you to do as you like.  Shuttle service will be available to Mall of America for restaurants, theaters, or shopping.   There may be an opportunity to visit with Frida Bagonza, who is currently studying in Minneapolis.

Sunday, Nov 13
Hot breakfast at hotel.
9:45 am – Leave for worship service at Mount Olive Lutheran Church on Chicago Ave.
12:30 pm – Lunch.
6:00 pm – Return to McFarland Lutheran.

Sign-up and payment is due by October 16th.  Feel free to invite your friends from other congregations.

Confirmation Students:  Credit towards confirmation will be given and tuition  assistance to attend this event is possible.  Talk to Chris Landerud for details.

Additional details about the exhibit can be found at  or the September issue of Thrivent magazine.

For additional information and questions about the trip, please contact Ron Vandeberg at 886-3196 or


- A member of your family is admitted to the hospital so that visits can be made
- Your committee or group plans to have a meeting, or cancel a meeting, so that it can be put on the church calendar or in the bulletin
- Either you home or business telephone number has changed, so that the church records can be corrected
- Your email address has changed
- You are planning to move—out of town or locally
- A new baby arrives in your family
- A death occurs in your family
- You or a member of your family establishes a new residence


Click on, Staff Contact Information to see a list of the Council Members and contact information. Please feel free to contact them.


Click on, Council Contact Information to see a list of the Council Members and contact information. Please contact them with any of your ideas or concerns.


Minutes In Seconds reports the discussions and actions that have been taken by the church council. Look at the June 21st "Minutes in Seconds". When approved, the official minutes will be posted on our web site and in the church newsletter. Please contact a member of the church council for more details.


Council Minutes reports the discussions and actions that have been taken by the church council. Look at the August 23rd "Council Minutes". Please contact a member of the church council for more details.